We want to do our bit to help the environment and tackle climate change. For this reason, we have made a number of positive changes and plan to continually build on this going forward.

Here is a summary of what steps have been taken so far, on our ongoing sustainability journey:

  • We have introduced bin compartments for food waste across our apartments, in an effort to reduce waste going to landfill. As a result, all apartments now have bin compartments for 3 waste streams in total; general waste, recycling and food waste
  • Glass recycling bins have been introduced in our external bin zones
  • Bins with waste stream compartments have been introduced in common areas
  • We have provided residents with clear information as to how to segregate waste correctly
  • Areas of grass, which were kept mown in the past, have been left to grow long, in an effort to improve biodiversity and help wildlife
  • Old mattresses go to a recycling company which takes them apart and disposes of all materials ethically